Spatial planning in 3D + other options

  • Description: You as a client, share the space that needs to be designed either via video chat or during our visit. After the meeting we provide you a 3D layout plan and a sample board with a schedule. A sample board is a presentation with the actual furniture and other decoration items that are confirmed with the client and will be used in the interior. A schedule is a list of all items that need to be purchased for the project. The schedule includes image, producer/seller, product name, price, etc. It is a very useful tool for the total budget planning and overall project management.
  • Option 1: schedule. We prepare a full list of the recommended items to be purchased for your confirmation and budget estimation.
  • Option 2: sample board. We include the selected items into a sample board for the final confirmation of the look before the purchase.
  • Initial meeting duration: 60min.Extra charges for additional time 500 SEK/every 30min
  • Price: upon request
  • After consultation, we send you a written recommendations report in a form of 3D layout  with furniture placement, wall treatments, flooring, lighting, features, etc and separate files with the selected options.